Knowing your historical consumption and future exposure to prices, as well as understanding the wider market, is vital to achieving your energy strategy. We provide a range of services and simple-to-use tools to help you manage your electricity while doing your day job.

Understanding your costs and consumption

Looking forward at your future energy requirements to understand what you've hedged and the gaps remaining will give you a clear view of your budget requirements. Our risk management platform SourcePosition can be configured to suit your strategy, giving you easy access to this information to help you decide how and when you purchase your electricity. 

With so much focus on energy reduction, we also provide SourceProfile, a simple online reporting tool help you understand your energy consumption across your portfolio and potentially identify energy waste hotspots. With access to this data, you can develop an action plan for reducing your usage to make savings on your bills and decrease your environmental impact.

If you are interested in opportunities to reduce your usage in peak times to support the grid and reduce your environmental impact, read more about our Demand Side Response offering.

Understanding the wider market

The energy market is always changing and with the Government actively engaged in the industry, there are many potential impacts on your business. Also, with non-energy charges making up more than half of your bills, you need to be aware of the latest policy and regulatory changes that could affect your energy costs.

We keep up with all the latest developments on on these topics so you don't have to worry about it. Take advantage of our quarterly Informer Series webinars, where our experts explain the latest forecasts for non-energy costs such as environmental and transmission charges, to help you future-proof your budgets.

Also, our experts regularly engage with government and industry stakeholders to understand and contribute to the policy that shapes our industry, which we update you on via our weekly newsletter The Informer, regular webinars and informative seminars.

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