A micro-business is defined as a business which consumes no more than 100,000kWh of electricity per year or has fewer than ten employees and an annual turnover not exceeding €2m.

In accordance with our obligations under the Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) Regulations 2015, we make the below services and information available to our micro-business customers:

  • We will always offer an appointment for a visit from our preferred agents (e.g a Meter Operator) within a 4-hour window

  • We will not unreasonably deny any micro-business customers a request for an appointment, so long as the appointment window is more than two hours

  • On any occasion where our agent fails to attend an appointment that we have booked for our micro-business customer, or where we provide less than one day’s notice of re-booking, we will make a payment of £30 to the micro-business customer (if we fail to make this payment within 10 working days then we will pay a further £30)

  • Under our licence conditions, we are required to publish details of our performance against the Guaranteed Standards on a quarterly basis. For the period 1st October to 31st December 2016, four Micro-Business customers required an appointment to be booked with our contracted agents. All the standards outlined above were achieved for these appointments.

Note that the number of cases only relates to appointments for Micro-Businesses.

More information

Individual copies of the above Guaranteed Standards performance reports can be provided to individual customers on request - contact us here.