Our latest Forecast (February 2017)


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What are the revenue streams?

These are payments made to generators for the energy that they generate as a result of being directly connected to the distribution network. They include:

  • Capacity Market - a benefit for your generation during the winter period that we are able to provide because we are also a supplier.
  • Triad Benefit - the benefit for generating during the three peak half hour demand periods over the winter (Nov – Feb). Find out more about Triads here.
  • Balancing System Use of System (BSUoS) - a benefit reflecting the offsetting cost of the system balancing actions taken by the System Operator.
  • Transmission and Distribution Losses (TNUoS) - a potential benefit paid for connecting to the distribution network where power produced locally reduces the need for other power to be transported such long distances, therefore reducing electrical losses.

Upcoming webinars

We hold quarterly webinars to share the latest forecasts from our in-house pricing team on each of the revenue streams below. If you would like to be invited to our next webinar in June (exact date TBC) please pre-register here