The UK government will ensure renewable energy “Guarantees of Origin” issued in European Union countries will continued to be recognised in the event of a no deal Brexit, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has said.

In guidance issued under the heading “Generating low-carbon electricity if there’s no Brexit deal”, the department said it means electricity suppliers can continue to use EU Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, and will existing supply contracts will not be compromised.

However, BEIS pointed out that – without a Brexit deal – “Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin” issued in the UK would no longer be recognised in the EU.

Contracts may be compromised

“This will mean that existing contracts with EU countries’ electricity suppliers or traders may be compromised if the contract terms require the transfer of a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin recognised by the EU,” it said.

BEIS added electricity generators will not need to take any action where they are selling to suppliers in the UK, but where generators are selling to EU suppliers, “they may wish to consider how they market their exports”.

But BEIS said a “no deal” scenario was still “unlikely, adding: “It has always been the case that as we get nearer to March 2019, preparations for a no deal scenario would have to be accelerated.

“Such an acceleration does not reflect an increased likelihood of a ‘no deal’ outcome.

“Rather it is about ensuring our plans are in place in the unlikely scenario that they need to be relied upon.”

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