The Labour Party has repeated its pledge to put the UK’s transmission and distribution networks back into public ownership.

Ahead of its party conference taking place in Liverpool this week, the party published a new document - ‘The Green Transformation’ – setting out its latest energy and environment policies.

It also said it would remove the barriers to new onshore wind which it said had been put in place by the Conservative government".

The party stressed that given the fast-changing nature of the sector, the paper will be updated as “new science, new technologies and new thinking emerges”.

The document said the party is committed to ensuring the development of flexible networks needed to supporting the transition to decentralised renewable energy.

“This means making more use of local, micro grids and of batteries to store and balance fluctuating renewable energy, and providing the necessary investment to connect renewable energy sources to the grid,” it says.

Climate change ‘threat to humanity’

In their introduction to the document, Labour's Shadow Business and Environment Secretaries, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Sue Hayman, stress the “environment is the bedrock of our economy, our security and our wellbeing”.

“It is not something separate from ourselves; it is the food we eat and the place we live. But from forest fires in the Arctic Circle and rapidly declining insect and bird populations across Europe, to deadly heat waves and polluted air in British cities, it is clear that our current economic model is threatening the foundations on which human wellbeing depends.

“In the words of UN Secretary General António Guterres, climate change is an 'existential threat to humanity'."

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