The demand for energy is shifting in society - where it comes from and what it’s for is rapidly changing. In response, we need to rethink our energy system so that it works more like a natural system – flexible, responsive and low-carbon.

As a supplier, purchaser and aggregator of energy, we have an important role in shaping this new system and want to encourage a fresh, innovative approach to solving the challenges we face.

This is why we are supporting and actively participating in Forum for the Future’s Living Grid project.

What is the Living Grid?

The Living Grid is a community of pioneering organisations who are demonstrating a radically new and better energy system that’s inspired by living ecosystems.

The current phase of the Living Grid began with a global, online conversation in May 2017 - “How would nature redesign our alien energy system for life on Earth?” - to capture ideas from academics, NGOs and commercial stakeholders.

In July 2017, we launched a video to inspire corporate energy users to assume a more cooperative role in the way they manage their energy supply and use, and to see this as a vital part of leadership on climate change.  

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How are you bringing energy to life in your organisation?

The clear finding from our work with the Living Grid is that the demand side of the market, the energy users, need to be part of the change.

Could your organisation play a more active role in the energy system? Watch the below video and share your story on social media with #livinggrid 

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