Property and asset management firm JLL foster wide adoption of net-zero initiatives

Company: JLL
Location: Nationwide
Product: Renewable flexible electricity supply contract
Customer since: 2012

“Since we started working with SmartestEnergy in 2012, we’ve received a high level of service. They’ve taken the time to understand our industry and tailored a product and service to meet the needs of dynamic property portfolios such as those we manage. We are particularly pleased with the certification of renewable supplies for the entire portfolio helping us and our clients to achieve our ambitions for sustainability.” - David Mead, Associate

The opportunity:
JLL Property and Asset Management actively procures renewable energy on behalf of its clients, including for its own corporate offices. In conjunction with JLL’s agenda of ‘building a better tomorrow’, it’s leading the way in pledging to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030.

However, what really stands out, is JLL’s commitment to fostering a wider adoption of net-zero initiatives to drive forward the pace of change; encouraging other businesses to similarly pledge and take action to achieve net-zero targets.

Following the end of Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) in 2015, there was uncertainty about how renewable energy would be tracked and reported. Moving to Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Certificates (REGOs) with SmartestEnergy’s REGO-backed products, JLL were one of the first to restore renewable purchasing efforts in the property sector.

To procure the most natural form of renewables, JLL moved from SmartestEnergy’s ‘Standard Renewable’ product, to its ‘Natural Renewable’ product, enabling the company to source its supply directly from a combination of hydropower, wind and solar generators.

For its own offices, JLL have also taken steps to procure electricity from a specific source, ensuring that REGOs directly associated with the Forest Heath Solar PV Project in Suffolk power their corporate buildings. In October 2019, JLL celebrated one year on SmartestEnergy’s ‘Specific Renewable’ product. In this first year 13,732,208 kWh of PV power was provided to JLL’s offices by the generator, saving 3,501.7 tons of carbon.

The results:
Since contracting with SmartestEnergy in 2012, JLL and its managed client portfolio have used 2.72 TWh of renewable electricity, saving 754,256 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in the process. With energy efficiency measures in place they have reduced their overall usage over time, and ensured that the remainder being purchased is green.

Commenting on achievements to date, David Mead, Associate, JLL, said, “Our employees are proud of our sustainable initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint, and that of our clients. They are particularly pleased that our corporate offices have supported a named generation site, as the direct results of our zero-carbon efforts have become more tangible over time.”

The future:
To continue on their renewables journey, JLL are considering additional options to support UK generators and ensure transparency for their clients. JLL continue to strive for improved benchmarking, reporting and overall compliance when it comes to procuring renewable energy. In the future, JLL hope to roll-out the ‘Specific Renewable’ product to their client-base and engage a wider audience about the importance of procuring renewable energy to achieve net-zero targets.