In accordance with our obligations under the Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) Regulations 2015, we make the below services and information available to our micro business customers:

  • We will always offer an appointment for a visit from our preferred agents (e.g a Meter Operator) within a 4-hour window

  • We will not unreasonably deny any micro business customers a request for an appointment, so long as the appointment window is more than two hours

  • On any occasion where our agent fails to attend an appointment that we have booked for our micro business customer, or where we provide less than one day’s notice of re-booking, we will make a payment of £30 to the micro business customer (if we fail to make this payment within 10 working days then we will pay a further £30)

  • Under our licence conditions, we are required to publish details of our performance against the Guaranteed Standards on a quarterly basis. The chart below shows our progress:
  Number of sites/cases to which the standards applied Breaches Net breaches Net breaches as a proportion of cases Percentage increase/decrease in net breaches from previous quarter
Q4 2017 16 2 2 13% -37%
Q1 2018 13 2 2 15% +2%
Q2 2018 6 2 2 33% +18%
Q3 2018 9 7 7 78%  +45%


More information

Individual copies of the above Guaranteed Standards performance reports can be provided to individual customers on request - contact us here.