London Green Film Festival

Inaugural London Green Film Festival – “for conscious humans that like good films”

Starting on 17 July 2019, with the premier screening of ‘The Biggest Little Farm’, the inaugural London Green Film Festival will run with daily screenings at 12.30pm and 6pm until 26 July 2019. 

You can view the complete schedule via the Regent's Place website. All screenings are free to attend, and food trucks will be on-site serving vegan food and sustainably minded cocktails throughout the festival. 

> View film schedule 

Please join us at the event! 

Powered by SmartestEnergy:

SmartestEnergy is powering the large-format film festival screen in Regent's Place Plaza, as well as the wider event site, with 100% natural renewable electricity that is generated from solar, wind and hydropower. With the festival's focus on being green, every decision it is making related to the event comes back to:

  • 'is this sustainable?'
  • 'is this good for the environment and local community?'

Having a natural renewable electricity supply underpinning the London Green Film Festival in this way aligns with the ethos of the event, the films being screened and the wider Regent's Place campus sustainability efforts. 

As an RE100 company, British Land, ensures the traceability and transparency of its electricity supply by procuring SmartestEnergy's natural renewable electricity product. Every renewable megawatt hour of electricity used on their campuses, such as Regent’s Place, comes from sources backed with UK-recognised origin certificates.