A lack of incentives from the UK Government has forced nearly half of local councils to cut their investment in solar power, according to a series of freedom of information requests from LG Electronics.

The research found 47% of local authorities blamed a lack of central government incentives, while 23% cited a lack of cash to invest in solar panels.

Bob Mills, UK Senior Sales Manager at LG Electronics, said: “Our research has revealed that the government’s policy towards solar is ineffective and in some cases, completely non-existent.

“Until there is a clarity on solar strategy, we will continue to see public money wasted on out-dated and overpriced energy projects.”

71% have no solar plan

The company also found that 71% of councils do not have a strategy covering solar investment.

It also discovered 70% of local authorities have no plans to add to their solar capacity over the next five years.

LG added: “These councils do not have solar technology incorporated within their current environmental strategy and have no specific targets or direction towards solar deployment.”

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