More than 60% of the public believe the UK Government is not doing enough to adapt to climate change and limit global temperature increases, according to a new poll.

The YouGov survey, which was commissioned by environmental law firm ClientEarth, also found that 71% of respondents think fossil fuel companies should be made to pay damages for their role in contributing to global warming.

More than two thirds were in favour of breaking up the “Big Six’s” market share to allow “smaller, cleaner, and locally-owned energy systems” to develop.

Almost three quarters of consumers would be interested in joining a community energy scheme if the government made it easier to do so.

Role for the courts

James Thornton, Chief Executive at ClientEarth, said: “These results make it clear that the British public want action on climate change, and urgently.

“A majority of people expect more from the government and believe that fossil fuel companies should pay for damages resulting from extreme weather events.

“People in this country also see a strong role for the courts in holding business and the government to account if they don’t act quickly enough.”

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