The UK’s agreement to leave the European Union (EU) must include measures to create a more prosperous energy sector and tackle climate change, according to an open letter signed by an alliance of companies and organisations.

The group – which includes power firm EDF, consumer products manufacturer Unilever, and trade bodies such as Energy UK, the Energy Networks Association and RenewableUK – wants a dedicated chapter on energy and climate change in the final documents.

Its letter to Prime Minister Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to see the UK continuing to participate in the EU Emissions Trading System.

It also calls for the regulations governing areas such as offshore wind, electric vehicles and battery technology to remain harmonised.

Commercial interests

E3G, the climate change think tank that coordinated the letter, said: “UK and EU companies are united in calling for strong action in the Brexit agreement on climate and energy to foster prosperity and enhance our ability to tackle climate change.

“A no-deal Brexit scenario on the other hand would lead to an increase in UK energy bills, undermine action on climate change and threaten the supply chains of strategically important industries such as offshore wind, electric vehicles and battery technology.

“It is in the clear commercial interests of the UK and EU to maintain standards and rules as close as possible to those we have now.”

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