Co-op Energy, part of the Midcounties Co-operative, has launched a community energy strategy.

The energy company has also pledged to do more towards local supply innovation, customer engagement and lobbying for good.

In its strategy it said the UK energy market was skewed toward a handful of large incumbent corporations who control more than 80% of supply.

“At the same time, the penetration of renewables in UK energy supply is still some of the poorest in Europe.”

It said it was vital to engage with policy makers and influencers at the highest level and argue for a “more balanced legislative and regulatory regime” which recognises the value of fair, low carbon co-operative solutions.

‘Powerful contribution’

Mark Billsborough, Head of Renewable Energy at Co-op Energy, said: “Innovative, community-based projects are a fantastic demonstration of the power of working together at a local level.”

Emma Bridge, Chief Executive of Community Energy England, of which Co-op Energy is a member, said: “We welcome Co-op Energy’s new Community Energy Strategy as a powerful contribution to the development of the sector.”

Co-op Energy, which was founded 2010 and which has 400,000 customers, is also sponsoring Community Energy Fortnight, which runs from 24 June to 9 July.

> Download the strategy