MPs have rejected a House of Lords amendment that would have extended the Renewables Obligation funding scheme for schemes that have already received planning permission.

The House of Commons defeated the amendment by 293 votes to 224.

The Energy Bill will now be sent back to the House of Lords for a further round of “ping pong” as both Houses seek agreement on the wording of the draft legislation.

Simon Hoare, Conservative MP for North Dorset, said peers were on “thin ice” for trying to undo the Tory party’s manifesto commitment to end subsidies for new onshore wind farms.

Manifesto commitment

Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom added: “18 June (2015) was set out as a clear bright line and we have continued to maintain the importance of this as a clear cut off and statement of intent to industry.

“To tamper with such an integral part of the early closure policy at such a late stage in its development simply will not do.

“This is a manifesto commitment and, in the other House, peers should listen to the manifesto commitment of this Government and should respect it as is normally the practice as I understand it.”

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