Global greenhouse gas emissions could be one-third lower in 2030 if businesses, cities and regions follow through on their climate change promises, according to a new report.

More than 2,000 companies and nearly 6,000 cities, states and regions have pledged to cut their emissions, in addition to promises made by national governments.

The new report from Data-Driven Yale found that the commitments made could provide at least half of the emissions reductions promised by the United States government.

The regional promises made in Europe and China were also deemed to be significant.

Financing needed

Angel Hsu, Director of Data-Driven Yale, said: “The potential of these commitments to help the world avoid dangerous climate change is clear – the key is now to ensure that these commitments are really implemented.

“What our report shows is many actors are signing up to take actions, but their ambition and ability to move us faster and closer to reach the Paris climate goals in time is limited.

“What’s needed now is the financing, policies, and support to urgently realise these efforts.”

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