Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has signalled his party would seek to remain in the EU's internal energy market and Euratom nuclear co-operation treaty after Brexit.

In a major speech setting out Labour’s vision for Britain after it leaves the EU, Corbyn said climate change, pollution and environmental degradation can only be tackled by working together “and many of our closest allies in that struggle are in Europe”.

He pointed out the value of the low carbon economy to the UK, with the Green Alliance estimates that trade in the sector's goods and services contributed over £42 billion to the economy in 2015.

The UK low carbon and renewable energy sector was also expected to increase fivefold by 2030 potentially bringing 2 million jobs and contributing more than 8% of the UK’s total output.

Maintaining standards

“But that needs us to maintain our standards to ensure barrier-free trade of low carbon goods,” said Corbyn.

“These include eco-design and energy labelling standards, greenhouse gas emission standards for vehicles, the internal energy market, construction product standards, chemicals regulation and nuclear safety and safeguards.

“So the importance of getting our Brexit settlement right is vital in this area both in terms of Britain’s industrial role in reducing climate change and in terms of protecting jobs and industry.”

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