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Public support for renewable energy remains strong, according to a survey by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC).

Support for the use of renewables stood at 76% in September’s tracker poll, consistent with the 75-80% seen since the survey began in 2012.

Solar received 80% support, followed by off-shore wind (73%), wave and tidal (73%), on-shore wind (66%) and biomass (65%).

Richer people were more likely to support renewables than poorer people, the survey found.

‘Sky-high’ support for off-shore wind

Maf Smith, Deputy Chief Executive at trade body RenewableUK, said: “The message from this latest poll is clear – ordinary people see renewables as a British success story and want to see us increasing their use further.

“We hope that ministers will look at these figures carefully and listen to what the thousands of voters who took part in this official UK Government poll are telling them.”

Smith added: “Onshore wind is one of the cheapest of all sources of electricity, so we need it kept in the energy mix to drive our fuel bills down.

“Support for offshore wind remains sky-high too, and backing for renewables overall is also increasing.”

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