Five of the ten cheapest domestic energy tariffs available on the market are eco-friendly, according to new data.

The number of environmentally-friendly tariffs has increased by a third over the past year to 57.

The ten cheapest eco-deals could save consumers £273 on average, up from just £40 only a year ago.

While 38% of households say they would consider a green tariff, 42% still believe such contracts are more expensive.

Financial and environmental benefits

Shona Eyre, an energy expert at price comparison website uSwitch, said “Sustainable living is increasingly important to consumers.

“With green energy tariffs now featuring heavily in the best-buy tables, planet-friendly deals are no longer an expensive luxury for those who can afford to pay for their principles.

“Whether it’s using less energy around the home or choosing a green energy deal, these are small changes that make a big difference – both environmentally and financially.”

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