French power company EDF Energy believes it is on course to bring its Hinkley Point C nuclear power station online as planned in 2025.

The original switch-on date for the power station was during 2017 but has been beset with delays.

EDF plans to build a further two reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk. The company thinks lessons learned at Hinkley could make Sizewell C 20% cheaper to build.

Further projects

Simone Rossi, Chief Executive at EDF Energy, said: “We are confident we can deliver this timeline as our project at Hinkley Point C benefits from innovative tools and the lessons from other projects.

“Sizewell C will be a proven technology, representing the seventh and eighth EPR units and the first four units will soon be operational in China, France and Finland.

“There is a lot of money out there looking for project investments.”

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