The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) has called for the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy to adopt a “whole system approach” in decarbonising the power grid.

The trade body said that both the gas network and the electricity network should be reformed side-by-side.

It said ministers’ current plans focused solely on making the electricity grid greener.

Evolving both the gas and electricity networks would save consumers between £104 billion and £122bn by 2050, while concentrating on the electricity grid alone would cost from £274bn to £318bn.

Cheapest way

The ENA said: “We therefore would seriously question whether the challenges and costs posed by the Electricity Pathway are the best way for the government to reach its decarbonisation objectives as part of the Clean Growth Strategy.

“ENA believes that also focussing on decarbonising our gas networks alongside that of electricity networks is the cheapest way to meet our carbon commitments.”

The trade body made the comments in its response to the strategy.

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