The UK’s agreement to leave the European Union (EU) must include a dedicated chapter on energy and climate change to help meet the Paris Agreement, according to a group of power companies, investors and trade bodies.

In a letter addressed to Brexit Secretary David Davis and EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, wants to see both trade and non-trade issues being covered in the chapter.

“As leading European and UK companies and investors, we recognise that climate change poses one of the greatest long-term threats to our economies and societies,” the letter said.

“We strongly urge both the UK and EU27 to commit to continuing to work together to meet the commitments set out in the Paris Agreement, in any future relationship.”

Climate change on par with security and defence

The group said that having close relations post-Brexit would “foster innovation and economic growth”.

It welcomed the prioritisation of security and defence in the negotiations and called for combatting climate change to be given equal attention.

Back in March, climate change think tank E3G made a similar call for a dedicated energy chapter in the Brexit agreement. 

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