A cross-party group has published a report listing ten reasons why being part of the European Union (EU) benefits the UK’s environment.

The Britain Stronger in Europe group – which brings together members of the Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties – said being part of the EU supported jobs and growth in the “green economy”.

The report said membership brought investment in renewable energy and brought expertise to the UK.

Members of the group also highlighted the role the EU played in protection wildlife and the environment, including through clean air and clean water regulations.

‘Defining issue’

The report said: “Being in Europe magnifies Britain’s voice in the world on the issues that will define our future. Climate change and the future of our environment is a defining issue of our generation.

“Our environment at home is a source of joy and wellbeing for many, but also a vital resource. Its multiple habitats, features and species must be protected.

“Our global climate must be safeguarded to prevent against further global warming, and collective action is the only solution to rising seas and rising temperatures.”

The Vote Leave campaign argues that remaining the EU will see “Brussels and the European Court will take more and more power from Britain over energy which will lead to higher prices, higher taxes, less capacity, and higher risks”.

“It is safer to take back control,” it argues.

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