The Informer

The European Commission has adopted a package of measures designed to bolster the security of the European Union’s (EU’s) energy supplies.

The commission’s measures included vetting contracts to supply member states with gas to ensure value for money.

Buying and storing liquefied natural gas (LNG) featured heavily in the package.

Commissioners also laid out plans to source power for heating and cooling buildings from renewable sources.

‘Secure, sustainable and competitive’

Maroš Šefcovic, the commission’s Vice-President with responsibility for the Energy Union, said: “The Energy Union strategy, launched one year ago, promised to provide all Europeans with energy that is secure, sustainable, and competitive.

“Today’s package focuses on the security of our supply, but touches upon all three overarching goals.

“By reducing our energy demand, and better managing our supply from external sources we are delivering on our promise and enhancing the stability of Europe’s energy market.”

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