Storing energy in the form of hydrogen gas could help to decarbonise the UK’s power grid and make it more efficient, a new report has said.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) said power-to-gas projects could take excess renewable energy from solar panels and wind turbines and turn it into hydrogen via electrolysis.

Hydrogen could then be used to heat homes or power vehicles, or injected in small quantities into the gas grid.

The report suggests the method could be more efficient than other energy-storage technologies, such as batteries.

20% hydrogen by 2023

IMechE recommends that the UK Government:

● creates an industrial forum to bring together the nuclear, renewables and gas sectors to promote the use of hydrogen for heat, transport, power generation and heavy industry;

● promotes the use of 20% hydrogen in the gas grid by 2023;

● and analyses the long-term sustainability of the materials used to make batteries compared with power-to-gas systems and fuel cells.

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