Businesses that take a “sophisticated” attitude towards energy are reaping commercial benefits, according to a survey.

Taking actions such as investing in advanced technology and measuring and controlling energy efficiency led to an increase in revenues for 23% of companies.

Nearly a quarter said their company’s reputation had increased, while 41% reported a reduction in costs and 35% cited greater control and visibility.

More than half of businesses said they had adopted an energy strategy to give them a competitive advantage, according the report by Centrica Business Solutions

More than costs savings

Tim Wynn-Jones, UK Head of Distributed Energy Solutions Sales at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Businesses are increasingly moving away from a commoditised attitude to energy.

“Instead, they’re looking at how investing in energy delivers benefits beyond cost savings alone.”

The survey questioned more than 1,000 businesses in the UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United States.

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