Oil giant BP’s annual Statistical Review has revealed a continuing shift towards low-carbon sources of power.

The 65th edition of the report showed that the use of renewable energy to generate power grew by 15.2% during 2015 to account for 6.7% of global power generation and 2.8% of total global energy consumption.

Nuclear output grew by 1.3%, with China passing South Korea to become the world’s fourth-largest nuclear power producer.

Hydroelectric output climbed by a below-average 1%, with China remaining the largest producer.

Fossil fuels still dominate

Oil remained the world’s biggest fuel source, accounting for 32.9% of global energy consumption.

Coal remained in second spot with 29.2%, with gas in third place with 23.8%.

Bob Dudley, Chief Executive at BP, said: “The world of energy is again going through a period of profound change.”

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