Climate Change Minister Claire Perry is to meet with Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), to discuss the watchdog’s response to the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy.

The CCC said the strategy was “ambitious” but “does not go far enough”.

“Urgent action is needed to flesh out current plans and proposals, and supplement them with additional measures, to meet the UK’s legally-binding carbon targets in the 2020s and 2030s,” the CCC said.

“Even if delivered in full, existing and new policies, including those set out in the Clean Growth Strategy, miss the fourth and fifth carbon budgets by around 10-65 MtCO2e – a significant margin.”

Detailed policy

Deben added: “The Clean Growth Strategy is ambitious in its aims to build a thriving low-carbon Britain but ambitions alone are not enough.

In a letter to Deben, Perry responded: “I welcome the fact that, as you recognise, the latest emissions projections indicate that, even using your assumptions, the gaps on the fourth and fifth carbon budgets are around 10Mt, or less than 1% of each budget.

“And I agree that the development and implementation of detailed policy to meet our ambitions is essential, and that is where I and my ministerial colleagues are focussing our attention.”

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