Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the UK’s low-carbon and renewable energy (LCRE) economy turned over £43 billion during 2015.

The ONS said the total was down from £44.2bn in 2014, but pointed out that the statistics were compiled through surveys, and so the margin of uncertainty in the data made year-on-year comparisons difficult.

Renewable energy accounted for £14.9bn of turnover in 2015, while energy efficiency made up £13.9bn.

England accounted for £34.9bn or 81% of turnover, followed by Scotland with £5.5bn (13%), Wales with £1.7bn (4%) and Northern Ireland with the remaining £1bn (2%).

Nearly 250,000 jobs

A total of 234,000 were employed in the green economy in 2015, similar to the 238,000 in 2014.

More than 100,000 people were employed by companies in the energy efficiency sector.

England employed 187,000 people in the LCRE economy, with Scotland employing 31,000, Wales employing 11,000 and Northern Ireland employing around 5,000.

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