Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must be cut in the industry, transport and building sectors to avoid the worst effects of climate change, a new report has highlighted.

Writing in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers from Imperial College London warned that cutting emissions from the power generation sector would not be enough on its own.

Joeri Rogelj, a Lecturer at Imperial College London, said: “Ensuring that global warming is kept within safe bounds requires us to stop emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

“Nobody expects this to happen overnight, but decisions made today matter much longer than often appreciated.”

‘Stark contrast’ in remaining emissions budget

The Paris Agreement aims to limit temperature rises to 2C, with ambitions of halting the increase at 1.5C.

The researchers said that, to keep global warming to just 1.5C, only as little as 200 gigatons of CO2 might be able to be emitted.

They said this figure comes in “stark contrast” to the 4,000 gigatons of CO2 that would be emitted if current trends continue.

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