Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson has claimed that the UK leaving the European Union (EU) would lower energy bills.

Writing in The Sun newspaper, Johnson said that leaving the EU would allow ministers to remove value-added tax (VAT) from gas and electricity bills.

The former Mayor of London, who is now the Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, said removing “unfair and damaging” VAT from energy bills would save consumers £2 billion a year.

He promised: “Fuel bills will be lower for everyone.”

Exiting EU would see energy bills rise not fall, green groups claim

Chancellor George Osborne branded Johnson’s suggestion as “fantasy economics”.

And Friends of the Earth campaigner Samuel Lowe pointed out that the UK saves £90 million a year by buying electricity through interconnectors from Europe.

“From a consumer perspective, EU energy efficiency rules already lead to British people paying on average £158 a year less on their energy bills,” Lowe added.

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