The Informer

Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey has committed the Labour party to sourcing 60% of the UK’s electricity from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030.

In a speech at wind turbine makers Hutchinson Engineering in Widnes, Bailey said the next Labour government would invest in green infrastructure in the regions to rebalance the economy away from the financial sector.

She reiterated the opposition party’s pledge to nationalise energy companies to deliver renewable energy and affordability for consumers.

Labour also plans to change public procurement rules to promote environmental standards, alongside gender equality and unionisation.

Low-carbon commitment

Bailey said: “Our expensive and polluting energy system is reaching its sell by date, with investment falling and millions in contracts going overseas.

“At every turn, the Government has undermined the energy industry and our green economy, scrapping big renewable projects, and the innovative expertise and jobs that come with them.

“Labour will build an energy system that actually delivers for businesses, workers and our environment, creating secure and high-skilled jobs, while at the same time ensuring that 60% of our energy comes from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030.”

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