The Informer

Shadow Business & Energy Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey has pledged that Labour would reshape the economy to tackle climate change if it forms the next government.

She said her party needed to be “even more ambitious” and go beyond its current target to source 60% of the UK’s energy from renewable sources by 2030 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the middle of the century.

Labour has already commissioned a group of experts to advise on necessary steps, with initial recommendations including a seven-fold increase in offshore wind capacity, a tripling of solar capacity and bringing all 24 million UK homes up to the highest energy-efficiency standards.

More recommendations are expected in a further report this year.

Economic opportunity

Long-Bailey told The Guardian newspaper: “We have to tackle climate change in a really radical way, the evidence is crystal clear.

“But this is also a wonderful opportunity to invest in those towns and cities that have felt neglected for a very long time.

“This has to be – and will be – a genuine transformation of the economy.”

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