Energy Secretary Greg Clark has been accused of “defying all logic” by rejecting proposals for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay.

Clark said the project did not offer value for money because it would cost £1.3 billion over 60 years, compared to £400 million for offshore wind farms with the same capacity.

He said a mixture of nuclear and offshore wind would be £20bn by 2050.

He added that only 28 permanent jobs would be created by the project.

Labour on the attack

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, said: “Once again the Tories have defied all logic and failed to make the right decision for our economy, the people of Wales and the future of our planet.

“Scrapping the tidal lagoon on the same day as supporting a third runway at Heathrow is a kick in the teeth not only for Wales but for the renewables sector and industries outside the capital.

“If Theresa May was serious about rebalancing our economy, creating jobs and protecting British communities from climate change then she would not have made this decision.”

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