Britain’s gas supplies are under review after a crack in the Forties pipeline and disruption to supplies from Austria and Norway caused price spikes last year.

Energy Minister Richard Harrington has reassured energy companies that the UK Government will review the situation, according to a letter seen by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

In December, gas prices hit their highest level since 2011 after an explosion in Austria affected supplies.

Previous reviews had concluded that the UK’s gas supplies were secure, but Harrington said civil servants would “comprehensively test our assumptions”.

Gas storage calls

The energy minister added that his staff was currently working “to develop projects building on the conclusions of the recent strategic assessment, with gas price security featuring prominently in their planning”.

The gas industry has called for more gas-storage sites to be built.

British Gas-owner Centrica last year announced that it would close its Rough gas storage facility in the North Sea.

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