The amount of renewable energy being generated by Scottish communities jumped by 17% in just nine months, according to a report from the Energy Saving Trust.

The figures, which were released in late December and cover the period up to 30 June, showed Scotland has 595MW of community- and locally-owned renewable capacity.

The total had climbed from 508MW when the numbers were last compiled in September 2015.

Farms and estates accounted for 41% of the total, followed by local authorities with 18%.

15,570 renewables sites

The report counted 15,570 locally- and community-owned renewables projects north of the Border.

Paul Wheelhouse, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy, said: “Locally-owned renewables have the potential to help drive social, economic and environmental change in communities across Scotland.

“These projects frequently generate funds that can be spent at local people’s discretion on a wide range of projects that reflect local communities’ priorities, as well as playing an important role in our energy mix and helping us to meet our vital climate change obligations.”

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