Smart grid company Reactive Technologies has transmitted data using the National Grid in what has been heralded as a world-first.

Instead of using internet or mobile phone connections, the firm transmitted and received data by adjusting the grid frequency using technology it has dubbed as its Grid Data & Measurement System (GDMS).

Jens Madrian, Chief Financial Officer at Reactive Technologies, said: “GDMS can dramatically reduce the cost of creating large-scale smart grid networks allowing wider participation in DSR programmes for example by including domestic devices such as fridges, air conditioning systems and hot water tanks.

‘Project Samuel’

 “Creating flexible demand is the lowest cost and carbon free way of balancing the electricity system, which is otherwise managed by turning up or down thermal power plant like diesel generators or gas fired power stations.”

The test ran from April 2014 until March 2016, with the details having now been released.

Known as “Project Samuel”, the test was financed by Ofgem’s Networks Innovation Allowance fund.

The test also involved National Grid and SSE.

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