Energy regulator Ofgem has granted the NorthConnect consortium a licence to operate an interconnector between Scotland and Norway.

The group of companies that is planning to build the 650km-long cable will now apply for a “cap and floor” financial arrangement to govern revenues from the connection.

Northconnect has already been granted planning permission for onshore electricity converter stations near Boddam and Longhaven.

The development team is now preparing to apply to Scottish Ministers for planning permission to undertake subsea and near-shore work off the coast of Aberdeenshire.

Fibre-optic cable

“The NorthConnect consortium is also assessing the feasibility of laying a fibre-optic broadband link, alongside the power cable, to connect the north east of Scotland and Norway,” the group added.

“If realised, the data cable would connect two world-class oil and gas centres and potentially enable investment in new data and cloud storage facilities either side of the North Sea, further enhancing Scotland’s connectivity with mainland Europe.”

The four companies that form the NorthConnect consortium are Agder Energi, E-CO, Lyse and Vattenfall.

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