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Consumers could end up paying an extra £500 million to implement the Conservative Party’s promise to scrap subsidies for onshore wind farms, according to a new report.

Citizens’ Advice said that excluding onshore wind farms from a single Contract for Difference (CfD) auction could cost an extra £30m a year for 15 years because more-expensive technologies will be used instead.

The cost to consumers could rise even higher if further auctions are held, the report said.

Consumers could save £1 billion if support for less mature technologies, such as offshore wind, were scaled back and cheaper low-carbon options such as solar and onshore wind were instead allowed to bid for the entire subsidy budget, the organisation said.

‘Make the most of consumers’ money’

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens’ Advice, said: “Households are already struggling with high energy bills.

“To lower this burden the UK Government needs to make the most of consumers’ money invested in renewables – this means using the cheapest technologies available.

“Many of the UK Government’s proposed policy changes to clean energy subsidies are necessary given the over-spend in the low-carbon budget.

“But moves to block onshore wind could make it more difficult to keep bills low while keeping the lights on and reducing emissions.”

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