Governments must support the “profound transformation” occurring across the world’s power networks, according to a joint statement from four trade bodies.

The Canadian Electricity Association, the Edison Electric Institute in the United States, Eurelectric in European and the Japanese Federation of Electric Power Companies have stressed the importance of policy and regulatory support.

At the International Electricity Summit in the US, the four electricity associations pledged to work more closely together on: customer engagement and empowerment; electrification strategies; smart energy infrastructure; regulatory solutions, and cybersecurity protections and resilience.

Their statement said: “Central to the efforts of making the energy system more responsive, resilient and efficient are policies that also recognise the crucial role of fuel diversity in electric generation, enhancing demand-side response and developing a digital grid.”

Storage highlighted

The statement added: “At the heart of accomplishing the energy transition is the significant potential offered by the widespread deployment of smarter energy infrastructure around the world.

“The elements of an improved infrastructure, which include energy storage, grid hardening/strengthening, advanced metering, ubiquitous sensing and automation, micro-grids, cyber protection and hydrogen.

“They form the backbone of the evolving modern energy system, and also facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.”

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