Environmental law firm ClientEarth has written to Business and Energy Minister Nick Hurd calling on the UK Government to publish its carbon dioxide emissions reduction plan.

Ministers had been due to release the plan late last year, but it has since been delayed.

The plan is required under the Climate Change Act to outline how the government will meet its greenhouse gas targets for the legally-binding fourth and fifth carbon budgets.

The firm also wants ministers to keep their promise of consulting on the plan with businesses and society.

Threat of legal action

James Thornton, Chief Executive at ClientEarth, said: “Government is long overdue to bring forward an ambitious plan that will close the persistent and unlawful gap between legally-binding carbon budgets and current plans and policies.

“Businesses need certainty, investors need to know where to put their money, and people need to be protected from climate change.

“If it continues to kick this can down the road, we will have no option but to consider legal action.”

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