Public support for renewable energy has hit a three-year high, according to the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s (DECC’s) latest attitudes survey.

Support for renewables hit 81%, with opposition standing at only 4% and strong opposition at just 2%.

Three new questions added to the survey revealed that 56% of people would support a large-scale renewable energy project close to their home, while 77% think renewables should provide direct benefits to the communities near which they are located and 70% believe renewables boost the UK economy.

A report last year by Biggar Economics said the onshore wind industry generated £906 million in revenue to the UK economy in 2014.

‘Investment and jobs’

Hugh McNeal, Chief Executive of trade body RenewableUK, said: “It’s great that the British public sees how renewable energy is helping to grow the UK economy.

“Renewables are delivering investment and jobs throughout our country.”

Onshore wind has 69% of the public’s support, while support for offshore wind stands at 76% and for marine energy at 77%.

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