Scotland’s new energy strategy shows “huge ambition”, the renewable energy industry has said.

The Scottish Government aims to generate half of all energy – for heat, transport and electricity –from renewable sources by 2030.

The strategy includes a requirement to almost double Scotland’s renewable electricity capacity – from 9.3GW to 17GW –  over the same period.

The Holyrood administration will also press ahead with plans to create a publicly-owned energy company.

Linking heat, transport and electricity

Claire Mack, Chief Executive of trade body Scottish Renewables, said: “Scotland’s first energy strategy heralds a new era for the energy system used by us all, and provides a roadmap for others to follow.

“For the first time, the Scottish Government has set out a holistic plan for how we produce and use energy, breaking down the barriers between electricity, heat and transport.

“Previous targets laid the foundation for the rapid growth of Scotland’s renewable energy industry – this new target has the potential to do the same, not just for the continued growth of our renewable electricity sector but also for heat and transport, where action to decarbonise is urgently needed.”

Scotland remains on course to break its renewable energy record for 2017.

Its low-carbon output during the first three quarters of 2017 was up 19% year-on-year.

Paul Wheelhouse, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy, said: “A low-carbon economy is not just a practical way forward and renewable energy affects a very large share of our greenhouse gas emissions but Scotland’s clean, green energy resources are now playing an increasingly crucial role in the security of Scotland’s energy supply.”

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