The Informer

The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to cut the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions by 66% of 1990 levels by 2032.

The country smashed its previous 2020 target six years early by reducing emissions by 42%.

By 2032, Scotland aims to:

  • fully decarbonise its electricity sector;
  • provide 80% of domestic heating by low-carbon technology;
  • and have 40% of the new cars and vans registered each year meeting ultra-low carbon standards.

Opponents criticise lack of action

Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change &Land Reform, said: “Our proposals for further deep cuts in emissions represent a new level of ambition that will help maintain Scotland’s reputation as a climate leader within the international community.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Liam McArthur said: “We need top up our game in the areas of heat and transport, where progress to date has been slow or non-existent.”

Tom Ballantine, Chair of campaign group Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, added: “We have serious concerns about the plan’s lack of new actions to deliver this vision.”

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