Scotland’s next generation of onshore wind farms could be 20% cheaper if developers install the latest turbines and the UK and Scottish governments cut the cost of connections, according to a new report.

Trade body Scottish Renewables commissioned consultancy firm Everoze to investigate the cost of onshore wind.

Its report concluded that the cost of building wind farms could be cut by £150 million a year.

Ministers could introduce a more-flexible way of connecting onshore wind projects to the grid, and reduce the amount developers have to pay to connect, the report said.

Turbines down by £11/MWh

Lindsay Roberts, Senior Policy Manager for Scottish Renewables, said: “The cost of onshore wind has come down significantly over recent years, and it is now one of the most competitive forms of new electricity generation in the UK.

“This report shows that we can cut costs even further if government, industry and regulators work together to make sure we can use the latest generation of turbines on suitable sites, reduce grid charges, and deploy energy storage technologies.

“Deploying the latest generation of turbines has the biggest impact on costs, however, reducing them by £11/MWh.”

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