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Veolia buys biomass firm

Waste management company Veolia has bought Gloucestershire-based biomass company Boomeco.

Boomeco turns wood chips into pellets for combined heat-and-power plants and turns household waste into fuel.

Gavin Graveson, Veolia’s Chief Operating Officer – UK Public and Commercial, said: “We are making significant progress in our drive to increase the quality of energy we are delivering from renewable sources.”

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North Sea oil and gas output up

The amount of oil and gas extracted from British waters rose by 8.6% during the first 10 months of 2015, according to new figures from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC).

Oil output rose by 10.6%, while gas production increased by 6.1%.

The rises came despite global oil prices plummeting over the course of the year.

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Welsh nuclear power station closes

Wylfa, the nuclear power station on the Welsh island of Anglesey, closed down on 30 December following 44 years of generating electricity.

When it opened in 1971, the 1GW plant was the most powerful nuclear power station in the world.

Wylfa’s second reactor was shut down in 2012, with fuel being transferred to its first reactor, enabling five years of power production beyond its initial estimated lifespan.

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Work underway on Scotland’s largest solar farm

Construction has begun on Scotland’s largest solar farm.

The 14MW scheme on 70 acres of the Errol Estate on Tayside is expected to be completed in March.

The solar farm will generate enough power for 3,500 homes.

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National Grid looks to improve solar data

National Grid has asked the University of Sheffield to help it get a more accurate picture of how much power the UK’s solar panels are producing.

The data will be used to improve the efficiency of the grid.

National Grid currently uses weather forecasts to estimate power output, but the system being developed by Sheffield will provide live data instead.

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