Sustainability award for renewable supply product

SmartestEnergy has won an Edie Sustainability Leaders Award for the launch of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity product with independent certification from the Carbon Trust.

The product gives customers confidence that they can report zero carbon emissions for their purchased electricity supply as part of their corporate carbon footprint.

The Edie Sustainability Product Innovation award also recognised SmartestEnergy’s achievement in launching the UK’s first Energy Labels, specifying the source and carbon content of the electricity customers buy.

The judges commented: “SmartestEnergy’s renewable electricity product and associated Energy Label are potential game-changers in the world of low-carbon business, achieving high levels of engagement from some of the UK’s largest businesses.”

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UK Government unveils £28m low carbon funding boost

Climate Change & Industry Minister Nick Hurd has unveiled a £28 million fund as part of the UK Government’s commitment to double support for energy innovation up to £400m a year in 2021.

Up to £9m will be spent on a competition to reduce the cost of energy storage – including electricity, thermal, and power-to-gas storage – and up to £600,000 for feasibility studies for projects that can store energy on a large scale, for use when it’s needed.

Up to £7.6m will be available for advancing energy demand side response technologies that can help both private and public sector organisations reduce energy use in peak times, while around £9m will be awarded in a competition for an “industrial energy efficiency accelerator”.

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District heating scheme signs flexible power deal

The Gateshead district energy scheme has become a partner for Flexitricity’s demand response programme.

The district heat and power system, which is due to begin operating later this year, could earn £1 million through the programme.

Martin Gannon, Leader of Gateshead Council, which owns the scheme, said: “Once we realised that we could bring more revenue into the project by providing capacity to the National Grid – without changing our day-to-day operations – the decision was made for us.”

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European Investment Bank backs UK green energy projects with £1.25bn

The European Investment Bank pumped £5.5 billion into the UK in 2016, including £1.25bn for renewable energy projects.

The bank invested £525 million in the construction of the Beatrice offshore wind farm, the single largest support ever for investment in an offshore wind project by the lender.

A further £500m was used to reinforce electricity transmission in northern Scotland to improve connections between wind, wave and tidal renewable energy schemes and the national grid.

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Wind firm celebrates 1,000 turbine milestone

Gaia-Wind has produced its 1,000th turbine since moving from Denmark to Glasgow in 2011.

The company exports wind turbines to countries including Australia, France and the United States.

The firm has also been given regulatory clearance to enter the Japanese market.

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