The Informer

The number of community energy organisations being set up in the UK has dropped by 80% in the past year, according to new figures.

Trade body Co-operatives UK blamed the UK Government’s “policy U-turns” for the fall.

The organisation said 76 community entities had started up in 2015, compared with just ten between 1 January and 6 September this year.
Energy generation projects hve been described as “not financially viable”, the body added.

Community backing

Ed Mayo, Secretary-General of Co-operatives UK, said: “Local communities have put in extraordinary efforts to encourage clean renewable energy in the face of extraordinary barriers put in their way by national politicians.

“We are in the midst of Community Energy Fortnight, a time to celebrate this hopeful and grassroots movement. But the UK Government’s policy changes have dealt it a hammer blow, causing confusion and bringing growth to a virtual standstill.

“The public backs community owned green energy, people want more control of their local economy and what we need from government is a clear and consistent framework, including appropriate support, so that the thousands of local people wanting to invest in and generate community energy are able to do so without fear of policy upheavals.”

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