Energy UK Chief Executive Lawrence Slade has told his organisation’s annual conference that a “step-change” is needed in the transition to low-carbon power.

“We talk about the future transformation of the energy sector but so much is happening right now, with the technology and innovation of the future already powering our homes, cars and businesses,” he said.

“The energy industry has already made great strides in producing cleaner, greener energy but a further step-change is required if we are to rise to the challenges ahead.

“The future prize is an exciting one – a decentralised, decarbonised, digital future where consumers are in greater control of their energy, and the industry is working every day to make this vision a reality.”

‘Change is coming’

His comments came as Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive at energy regulator Ofgem, told the conference to prepare for further regulatory changes on top of Prime Minister Theresa May’s forthcoming price cap.

“Change is coming whether the industry likes it or not,” he said. “To those who say they feel can’t do this in a world of more price regulation, I would say think again.

“These kinds of reforms are overdue. I don’t think the regulator or parliament will take no for an answer. So, you might as well as embrace it, because change is coming.”

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