The world’s biggest sustainable businesses are outperforming their fossil fuel equivalents, according to a new report.

Corporate Knights and As You Sow compared returns from the 200 largest sustainable public companies with constituents of the S&P 1200 Global Energy Index.

Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights, said: “While some feared that the climate change in Washington DC would put a damper on clean energy stocks to the benefit of fossil fuel stocks, the opposite has happened.

“Almost poetically, the Clean200 surged past the fossil fuel benchmark on inauguration day and has not looked back since.”

16.9% return

The large sustainable firms – which included Panasonic, Siemens, SSE and Toyota – together account for £4 billion of total assets.

Together, they generated returns of 16.9% over the past year.

Over the same period, the S&P 1200 Global Energy Index fell by 1.2%.

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