Energy network companies have unveiled plans to develop the first joint innovation strategies.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) said the strategies will create “exciting opportunities” for the UK to benefit from new energy technologies such as battery storage, local renewable electricity generation and low-carbon heat sources, including biomethane and hydrogen.

David Smith, Chief Executive at the ENA, said: “Network companies are already using innovation projects to drive forward network performance, deliver better value for money and find new ways to harness the potential of energy technologies.

“These strategies will ensure that both the networks and the customers get the most out of those projects.”

Greater control of energy bills

Smith added: “But that is only one side of the network innovation coin.

“The other side is about how we harness the potential of energy technologies to enable new markets and provide new opportunities for consumers to have greater control of their energy bills and reduce their costs.

“Whether they are the end-user, a technology developer or a service provider, we want the widest possible range of stakeholders to have the opportunity to take part in this process.”

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